Creditor’s Rights

  • Fraudulent Transfers and Voluntary Transfers
  • Campaign Creditors’ Rights -Not getting paid is a perennial problem for political consultants and other campaign professionals.Fortunately, District of Columbia law makes life considerably more secure for campaign professionals. If you have a contract, and either the contract was executed in D.C. or the work was performed in D.C., chances are you have a strong case. Even if your contract was executed or performed in some other jurisdiction, you may still be able to recover. Mr. Sternberg has recently published an article in Campaigns and Elections magazine on this subject;  click here to read it. The Law Offices of Richard S. Sternberg has represented numerous campaign professionals from both parties over the years. Mr. Sternberg is prepared to help you both collect for your past campaign work, and draft contracts that adequately protect your rights in future campaigns.